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No heat coming from rear passenger vents

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Hey there, I have an 03 durango. The heating system works great on all setting. However, when I switch to the rear passenger vents or turn on the rear overhead vents, I am only getting cold air even with the temp selector on heat.
Any idea what might be the problem? Thanks
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I am on here looking for the same answers. Did you get yours fixed?
I am on here looking for the same answers. Did you get yours fixed?
Ditto, only my Durango is an '01 SLT...any help would be appreciated. :smileup:
I have a similar problem, except that the air is not cold, just not warm. I have not investigated the rear vents, just the ones in the centre roof that the driver (me) can reach. Have you ever gone back and checked the back vents? Tks.
I have, all I get is cold air, no matter where the dial on the roof is set...
Same problem, 6 years now, but forward fan blows so hot and strong I've ignored it.
I would check first the core for hot send and return hoses. It might be clogged.
Same problem here.
2002 SLT

Bumping for intel.
Sold the 2003 and bought a 2014

I sold my old Durango, and bought a newer one. Sorry can no longer help with the older dodge heating problems. Have yet to read the 960 page owners manual that comes with the 2014 Durango RT. (Ha ha.)
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