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OEM hitch...

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DF Buds,

I need some help i got the factory hitch installed after i bought my durango they had to run the wiring and program to the vehicles computer however, i noticed they didnt add the tow haul switch that shows in the manual should be there like on the fully loaded durango's... So my question is can i buy that switch separate and have it installed in order to be able to engage or disengage the OD function? BTW i currently have the base model 3.6 pentastar.... :confused:
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I would go back to the dealer and see what they can do.
Do you have a picture where the back valance was cut out? I was on and saw they sell the oem wiring harness and hitch but had to cut out the back. Was wondering how it worked out. Pics would be cool:D. What did they charge you?
I'd like to see a picture too. I've researched the tow package for days on end. Best I can tell is that the "tow button" is a Hemi V8 factory option only. The dealer told me that the wiring install alone would be 150.00 for labor and if I wanted the tow package IV with 220 amp alt, leveling rear suspension, full size spare, and heavy duty cooler wiring and hitch everything would be priced individually and would be in the $1000 range for parts alone. it looks like the Dodge wiring harness is more difficult to install by yourself than some aftermarket t-connectors. Anyone know if there is a benifit. My 1st Gen Durango was a breeze to install because it just connected to the factory brake light connections and no wire needed to be routed to the front. I don't tow anything large or heavy, just like the option for the extended cargo carriers and bike carriers. Thinking bout getting hidden hitch and forgoing wiring at this point. I'm sure in time they will have other options.
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The factory harness adds a plug under the dash for an electric brake controller.
I am also curious how it would look cut out as the dealer told me the same thing. Also what was the final cost through the dealer, it looked like $750 or so from what I was told. What are the downsides to the hidden hitch if I get a non-factory wiring harness, I have never had to add a hitch on before, always came on the vehicle. Thanks for any help!
It looks great. There are two different trim covers for the cut out thought. The R/T and Heat use one design and the others use a different one. Was fairly easy to install and looks very clean. It doesn't have a tow/haul addition at all. With the autostick though you can just set it at 4th gear and it will not go into 5th or change it manually. Will try to up some pics of mine if I remember.
Sorry i havent been on in a while i been super busy with work and my house i am on vacation right now i fly in tonight i will snap some pics and post them for you guys
Anyone know where Hemiboy lives? I'm dying to pull the trigger on an dealer installed aftermarket hitch but don't want to make the decision until I see what it looks like!

Sorry i havent been on in a while i been super busy with work and my house i am on vacation right now i fly in tonight i will snap some pics and post them for you guys
I just did the hitch install along with the factory wiring harness. Not really a big deal if you are fairly handy. I would say one word of caution is to follow the instructions. They are pretty good although they could be better. To install the hitch you have to remove the rear lower trim and bumper. Instructions are good and give you a diagram of what fasteners to remove. You then have to make the cutout in the trim. The trim already has the outline of the cutout embossed in the plastic. Taking a piece of chalk, rub it on the plastic, the cutout lines then become visabel, then all you do is cut it out. The factory hitch is a quick bolt on with the provided bolts. I have the Crew so my hitch is part number 82212597AB. You can find the instructions on the net if you search on the partnumber. The wiring harness is part number 82212196AB, you can also find these instructions on the net. The brake controller harness is part number K6860090. After wiring the harness you will need the dealer to activate it. My dealer charged me $20 US.
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OEM hitch...Did it myself saved $360.00 over dealers price

I have just joined Durango I read the post about OEM hitch and did my own thanks to the information listed by jnschnit. I installed the hitch last saturday and did the wiring this saturday. I'll try to post pictures 9/2/2012. not sure how to do that just yet, I'll try to figure it out.:D
I installed the hitch and wire harness, but my lights are not working on the trailer. Its a problem with the wiring I did in the car connecting the harness. Has anyone had any issues? I did have the computer reflashed as well.

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