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A friend of mine is borrowing my Durango. It's a 2000 R/T with the 5.9L. When I loaned it to her I knew the readiato had a very small leak.
Well, over the last few weeks the leak got worse causing her to have to ad coolant every morning. Well, last week it overheated on her and left her stranded an hour from home. So, I went to get it and took the new radiator I had bought, prepared to change it if needed.
In stead of jumping straight to the radiator, I decided to see if I could get it home to work on. So, I pulled the thermostat and found it stuck. I couldn't force it open. I replaced that and the radiator cap as well as installed a new serpentine belt. (It was due anyway.)
I then filled it with coolant and drove it home no problem. The trip home was over an hour at highway speeds.

Now, Saturday I replaced the radiator with a new one. Filled the system with new coolant and drove it around town for an hour with absolutely no issues. I patted myself on the back for a job well done. Yesterday she was over visiting for the evening. When she left to drive home, about 3 miles away, it overheated on her. She let it cool and then drove it the rest of the way home. She said it was leaking but she couldn't tell where.

I have 2 questions...
1. How do I tell if the water pump is bad? It makes no noise and spins freely with the belt off.
2. When should the electric fan come on? I thought it was supposed to come on with the AC but mine isn't.

Any help would be appreciated.
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