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Overheating issue

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i just bought my durango today, test drove fine, drove for about 2 hours and then bam... overheat. checked coolant, good. water pump, not seeping and circulates fine. clutch fan good. stat opens and closes. the only thing not working is the electric fan and i replaced the relay to it... I'm stumped, any help put there. btw its an 01
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The only two things I can think of is maybe the thermostat may be going closed or the fan may still not be running.
replaced the electric fan today. so far so good! drove for 2 hours and it stayed just below the half way point on the gauge.
That sounds like it's running in the right place! Hope that got it fixed!
wow nice forum no reply?

my mistake i see them now sorry
I have a 2011 Crew hemi and it won't stop overheating. I've replaced the water pump, hoses thermostat, and it's still overheats. But now it's worse. Before I could just turn my heat on and it would lower the temp. But now it hits 244° in less than a mile. My relay I replaced also and that doesn't work now but my top hose is cool and stiff, and my bottom hose is hot. When I turn my heat on in the car it's cold. People are telling me it's a cracked head or a gasket. I took the thermostat out and it worked just fine to get me to where I needed to go. I know that's not a permanent fix but it helped me out. Please help?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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