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P0440 & P0456 Codes

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Hey all, I've owned my 2002 Durango 4.7L SXT since new. The check engine light came on at about 120K, then went off a couple weeks later. Since then it's been on and off and I've got about 160K. I had a shop check it out and they said it was an emissions thing, but no big deal. It's never had a driveability issue because of it. Now I've seen that it can be caused by a couple different things. I'm pretty sure it's not the gas cap. Has anyone else ran into this? What did you do to fix the problem? Thanks for the info.
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I had a Dakota that I ended up changing the gas cap on to fix the issue. If you fill up with the engine running may also cause it. Other than that, need to check all your hoses as one may be dry rotted or something.
P0440 & P0442 Gas cap issue?

I've had my Durango SLT 4.7 for almost a month. Put a couple hundred miles on it now. One week after I bought it, I bought a locking gas cap for it at Autozone. Cap was on for less than two weeks and the check engine light came on - code P0442 - "small leak" in evap sys. Thought it might be the cap, so took it off and put the original cap back on and ordered a OBDII code reader (~$20) to erase the code. A day later the light goes out on its own. Reader arrives, verified and erased code and put the locking gas cap back on to see if the problem would come back. Two days later (today) chk eng light comes on again with a P0440 code and an "P0440 pend" code. So I put the original cap back on and erased the code, checking hoses and connections I could. Will let you know if the code returns - believe (hope?) its just the locking gas cap not keeping or losing the seal, not seating properly? (From what I've read here and elsewhere.)
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