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PCM issues

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My 2004 Durange 5.7L had a check engine light come on. I took it into the local dealership, who checked the code, and told me I needed a new O2 sensor. They order the part in, go to install it, and kept getting the same code. They tested the original 02 sensor, and told me that it was working. They checked the wires, and diagnosed my truck with a bad PCM. They wanted $700 for a new one. I called some wrecking yards, bought a used one with 6 months warranty for $130 shipped. I then installed it in my driveway, planning on getting it flashed the next day. I learned something the hard way...the PCM is very hard to get at, and the security key is set up through the PCM. My truck would start, then die immediately, which was the security system not recognizing my truck key, as it was looking for the previous truck's key. I ended up getting it towed in to the dealership, for $50. I didn't feel bad, though, as it was still much cheaper. Dealer: $700 for PCM, 2 hours to install $170, plus flash for $40, for $910 total.
Me: $130 for PCM, $50 for tow, and $40 for flash, for $220.
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Sucks having to learn lessons the hard way. But at least you saved some cash. That's a plus.
I had the dealer tell me that reflashing a used PCM to my VIN on my 07 Aspen wasn't possible. They were surprised also but gave up in the end. I'm glad your story had a happy ending. ;)

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