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pinion bearing or worse?

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hello all! I just bought my durango, its a 2001 4wd, the guy i bought it from thought the rear went out so thats why i got it cheap, plus i freakin LOVE durangos lol anyway, heres the story, guy said it ran great then the drive shaft came out, when he looked he saw the pinion nut came off, so him and his dad put it back together with a new nut only and refilled the fluid, got it home and drove it a little after but says its making alot of noise, he says like metal to metal, i havent attempted to drive it yet but I was courious to see what you guys thought, could i get by with pulling the driveshaft and replacing the nut seal and bearing, or does it sound like a complete rebuild is in order! any help would be great! thanks....:confused:
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I would at least pop the cover off the differential and look at the gears and see if there is any metal shavings in the bottom of the housing. If the nut did come off chances are the gears are messed up.
yeah, thats kinda what i was thinking too, thats def a good start. thanks
I agree. Get that cover off and check the gears. Let us know what you find.
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