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My wife's 2016 Durango (v6 AWD w/ auto start/stop) started freaking out while moving from Illinois to Alabama today. I will explain what happened and then the testing and my thoughts and would appreciate any info you have or ideas. It's just rolled 98K miles without any prior issue

  • Random loss of power at highway speeds. She states it was for a couple seconds at a time and usually noticed it going up hill. No RPM change,just more like slowing down and not accelerating when pushing gas. When this happened there was minimal impact of pushing the gas on the tach. Almost like TB wasn't getting signal or something.
  • Electric steering would randomly shake for a couple seconds. Not like tire shake, but more like electric steering shaking a 1/4 inch in either direction. When this happened it was not noticable outside the vehicle, but visibly noticable inside. Almost like the steering wheel was possessed.
  • Driver's side front seat started moving by itself while driving.

After talking to her early on, I had her run in manual shift in 7th gear for a while without issue. Then we notice that whenever her phone rang is when she got the steering wheel shake. So, she removed her phone charger and that lasted a while till we got stuck in nashville rush hour for an hour, then it came back.

As it got dark and all lights and everything came on it seemed to happen more (shaking wheel and loss of power). She shut down fog lights, Radeon screen, and everything else to see if that made a difference and it was minimal.

There were no CEL or dummy lights of any kind. The battery with the car off (based on dash display) was 12.4-12.6 voltsa dn while driving was between 14.2-14.6 volts.

We have another 2 hours to drive on Sunday and Monday for closing on our new house so trying to get something figured out and just driving my Rebel in the mean time.
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