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does anybody know when a programmer is coming out???? did you know that all new durangos only open up to 70% of wot!!! i was told im screwed until around 36000 miles then it will open to 100% fishy really fishy!!! only way around it is to have a programmer please help:confused:
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Not too sure about the 36000 mile thing. But I do know that the difference in air flow from 70 to 100 percent isn't very much. Besides, no tb actually opens 100 percent.
As for programmers, the diablo predator is the way to go for the modern hemi. Unfortunately, they don't have one out for the 2011 models yet.
You could try recalibrating the throttle position sensor and see if that helps.
1. Turn the key to on
2. Slowly press the accellerator to the floor. (About 10 seconds)
3. Slowly release the accellerator. (About 10 seconds)
4. Turn the key off

Try driving after that and see if you notice any differenct in throttle response. Also put a less restrictive air filter in to allow more air flow.
There is a post in the Challenger forum that talks about the variable valve timing not kicking in until around 3500 miles. This came from a Chrysler tech.
I am also looking to increase the o-60 time on my 2011 Durango R/T? Anything out there that will help?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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