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Programmers & Towing

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I hpe this is the correct forum for this question, if not please advise.
I have a 2007 5.7 with factory tow package. I use the Durango 95% of the time to tow either a 4000 lb travel trailer or a 3800 lb boat.
I am considering a performance programmer like the flashpac to increase torque and maybe mpg. Before spending $400 I thought I would see if a dodge dealer would consider altering the onboard computer to optimize efficiency for towing. I was told that as I have a tow/haul control installed, the computer would adjust all performance aspects without addition adjustments.
The question then is; Would a programmer be of any use or did the dealership tell me this so I would keep my hands off their product?
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If you're looking for a programer for the Hemi, Diablosport Predator is the way to go. It is the most popular and proven tuner for the Hemi. I have one for each of my 06 Chargers. It comes with "canned" tunes that increase HP anf tourque in just a few minutes. You can also adjust many other parameters if you wish. Tire size, rev limiter, speed limiter, shift points, shift firmness and many many more. It also reads trouble codes and clears them if you like. This programmer also makes it possible to have custom tunes uploaded to your car very easily. AND, if you want you can even use it to monitor and record vehicle data in real time. Most never use it for that but you can.
It costs about $360 to $400 but is well worth the money. Head over to the and do a search for predator. You will find tons of info and reviews on it.

Here's a link with more info.
They dont offer one yet for the hemi 2011-12. Am I wrong?
That is probably because those hemis are programmed for displacement on demand, which
drops cylinders out! That would raise havoc when towing a trailer!
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