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Radiator access question.

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1999, 4WD, V8. automatic. Hubby wants to drain the radiator and put in new antifreeze. How does he get access to the drain plug? He says there's a big skid plate blocking access to where he thinks the drain plug should be. Is he looking in the wrong place? We don't know anything about this vehicle, it belongs to our daughter who stopped driving it (tranny problems). It's been in outside storage on our farm for over a year and he wants to make sure it has sufficient winter protection. Not counting the tranny problems (no small deal), everything else is in great shape.

Would someone please tell us old air-cooled VW drivers how to get to the radiator drain plug. Is it behind the skid plate? What a pain if it is.
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Not sure, take a look on the engine side of the bottom tank and see if it's there and not on the bottom. I have taken the bottom hose loose before to keep from wrestling with the drains on vehicles.
Removing the bottom radiator hose is definately much faster, and messier. However, I believe the drain petcock is on the drivers side of the radiator. Facing the engine. It looks alot like a wingnut. It can be reached from the top but it's tight. I don't think there should be a skid plate blocking access from the bottom. Unless of course it has an after market skid plate on it. The factory ones didn't cover under the radiator.
drain plug

Bottom on drivers side is right. just feel for it may take a wrench.
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