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Rear Hatch Panels

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I'm trying to install a rear view camera on my Durango. I figured out how to get all of the panels pulled except for the rear hatch panel. There is an insert panel in the very center of the rear hatch panel (right behind the door latch) that I'm assuming needs to come off. All the prying and pulling (shy of a hammer and crow bar) doesn't seem to budge it. What's the trick?
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More info is needed about your Durango. Year model would be a big help.
Sorry, I assumed posting it in the 3rd generation forum would be information enough. It is a 2012 R/T model but is basically identical to the 2011.
You have to remove the pull cups on what is the bottom of trim panel that you pull down on to close the liftgate manually. Then care pull on the panel or use a suitable trim stick in order to disengage the retaining clips.
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