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Rear Wiper does not stop when truck is turned off: help please

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I just bought a 1999 5.9 Durango for my wife, Christmas Eve, it is in excellent shape with 120k miles and today while driving it started raining so she turned on the rear wiper. then when we got to our destination she turned the truck off and the wiper kept going. I tried turning the truck back on and off a few more times and it still continued to run. I hit the on and off switch multiple times in hopes that it would turn off and still nothing it stayed on. I pulled the wiper fuse out and it stayed running. In my final attempt so I didn't kill the wiper motor or the battery. I took apart the rear panel and disconnected it. Finally it stopped. than for the heck of it I plugged it back together and it went again, so I left it unplugged for good and put back the panel.

Is there a reason and/or a solution to this problem???? Can it lead to something more serious? I have it still disconnected but without the wiper it leaves a mess on the back window in the rain and I don't want my wife to not be able to see.

Please guys any help or input wll be greatly appreciated.

Ohhh, by the way I asked the previous owner and of course he had no knowledge of this ever happening before. go figure.

thanks again
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Sounds like the relay stuck. I'm not sure where it's located at though.
The intermittent wiper relay is in slot 5 in the power distribution center under the hood. I'm not sure if that is the one for the rear or not though. It's easy enough to check. All the relays under that cover are the same. Simply swap it with another to test and see if that's the problem.
I would also test to see if the switch has stuck.
Thank you both for your posts gentlemen, I apprieciate the words of advise and wisdom. I wrote all of it down and will have my mechanic check them out. hopefully it gets resolved quickly and not to expensive.

Now I have another question along with the rear wiper going crazy my wife just told me that tonight when she used the turn signals a few times they would not work she didn't say left or right and don't remember if it was one or both that did it, but it happen a few times while turning. I'm beginning to think I bought a truck that has more behind the story to it.

Can the blinker issue be related to the rear wiper issue or would this be something different and if it is something different CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE HELP ONCE AGAIN.....

Thank you again in advance for your help. I really do appreciate it.
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Sorry, not sure about that one but it would help to have exact details about what the turn signal is doing.
Intermittent turn signal operation often turns out to be a bad clock spring. I don't know if the rear wiper problem is related.
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