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Roof Railing Leak

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I'm recently experiencing a leak coming from the factory installed roof railing. I have removed it and don't see where the water can pertruding the interior of the vehicle by the seat-belt. I have tried to unclip the inerior panels to see if I can find it, but I do not have the vehicle's manual on the interior. Has anyone ever encountered this issue? I have removed the roof railing and caulked around where the bolts fasten to the roof, but water is still entering the vehicle. Can someone please help?
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I have the same problem. I just discovered it and removed the roof rail and caulked the front attachment point which was loose where the rail slides on. Just waiting to test it.
do you have a sun roof,daughter had a problem it was from the drain hose of the sun roof it shorted out the power amp of the radio in the back.fixed under warranty long ago happened again two years later go figure
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