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Rough Idle

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I recently bought an 03 which is generally in pretty good shape, but...
it "chugs" at idle. it idles steady at 5-600 RPM's, and doesn't mis-fire. The cylinder balance has been checked and it's good. No check Engine Light. I've been told that it had a recent valve job. Always starts right up and off-idle (7-800 RPM) is smooth. it gets reasonable mileage, but has the annoying chug at idle. A mechanic said the throttle body was real dirty, and cleaned it, but it didnt help. (how does it get dirty when it's just controlling air?). I wonder if the idle and trans issue are related? Idle Air Valve, Throttle Positioning Sensor, etc? It's working like a vacuum leak. The oil pressure is good on the engine. Could it be related to a transmission issue when cold, sometimes it won't engage correctly in drive. It goes into gear, and moves at idle, but the engine revs without much movement. If I move from rev to drive a couple of times, its's fine the rest of the day. Suggestions? 88,000 miles. Thanks. Kefa
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I would check the tranny fluid level. Also, the Durango tranny is known for having a delay when shifting from park when the tranny is cold.
The first start of every day, when I put it in reverse, it takes about 10 seconds before it actually moves. If it sits for days it takes even longer.
Now, my tranny has 165,000 miles on it and Ive never serviced it. Not even a fluid and filter change. It's time for me to have it rebuilt because it's starting to slip a little. That and I want to have a shift kit put in it.
I just replaced the throttle positioning sensor yesterday because the rpm's were 'surging'. Not sure if that's the same issue you have, but it seems to have fixed my idling problem. Got the TPS for $34 and swapped it in less than 5 minutes.
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