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Rpm jump?

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2001 4.7 SLT I have a problem with my rpms jumping about 200rpms... at a steady speed let's say a solid 50mph my rpms will be at 1500rpms and then they will jump to about 1700 rpms and then back down to 1500 , now this will go on for about 15 to 20 mins then stop .. The jump is quick and repetitive as if I was just trying to rev the engine. Spark plugs have been changed thinking as if that was the Problem but no luck , the problem is quite annoying. Any ideas , fixes,? .. Thanks for your time it's greatly appreciated ..
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May want to check the crank sensor. I had a Dakota that had a similar issue at idle and it turned out to be the sensor but it did cut on the check engine light so I could get a code.
Thank you I will def check that out and I'm not throwing any codes so I'm just very clueless to what's going on .. I was also thinking a speed sensor?
easy fix. get a new IAC at autozone for arounf 60$. its located on the same side of the throttle body as the TPS. i believe its the module underneath the TPS

that or clean the throttle body
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