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sadly crashed my 2000 rango, need some help...

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it was icy and i slid and hit a car going about 30-35. i hit a sign then hit the ford focus :p. all my damage was basically to the center of the front. i know i need a new hood, bumper and lights. my radiator took most of the hit and i know i need a new one. i tried to get it to a mechanic but over heated and smoke was everywhere. i have no power steering so im thinking that some lines were melted or busted. i was just wondering what it would cost to repair all this. i cant see anything under the hood but i know that the engine is still good becaue we drove it onto and off a trailer. there were no ticking noises or anything. so if you could please tell me how much it would cost to fix it or if its even worth it.

thanks. R.I.P rango :(

(im new to this whole forum thing so i dont know if i exactly did it right)
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Can't help with your cost but if the vehicle is (was) in good running shape and you did not damage the frame, probably cheaper to repair vs. replace. I would make a list of what you know is wrong and start calling the junk yards to get prices. Should get you in the ballpark for the parts if you tack a little cash on to that for the unknowns.
I would take it to a reputable shop and have them give you an estimate. Do you have insurance that will cover this?
well i had a similar issiue and for a hood and radiator it was going to cost me around 6 or 700 just off the have my hood replaced and repainted the hood alone was going to cause me to have to pay 1170 bucks.....and all i needed was a hood and radiator.......i would guess around 2500 bucks in body repairs and around 300 for a new rad. from oreilys with lifetime warranty....
and no im not new to the forum, just been away for a while and had to re-register....
Your body shop costs will go down if you can locate and provide your own parts (hood etc.) as you can get the used parts without the bodyman's markup. A good place to look for parts is on This site checks the online catalogs of hundreds of wreckers throughout North America.
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