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safe jacking (lift) points

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Hey guys, i was wondering where it would be safe to jack up my 2012Durango from to rotate tires and general maintenance. I would like to use the lift points that are shown in the owners manual to put my jack stands on. It looks like i could lift the front end by the subframe crossmember just in front of the oil pan were the skid plate is attached. But i am not sure what would be safe to lift the rear end from. The rear differential is aluminum and looks fragile and has rubber mounts to the body. Can i lift each side by the lower aluminum control arm where the spring or shocks are attached? Thanks.
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I haven't seen the underside of the 2012 so this is just my opinion. But I would think that the lower control arm where the springs attach would be sturdy enough. It's not like you're going to beat it or lift it for a long time from that point.
I would think the same would be true for the front as well.
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