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SOA conversion

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Sorry guys don't know where to post this... My Durango 4x4 is a spring under axle set up right now. Anyone know how hard it is to change it to a spring over axle setup?

Edit: forgot to mention that I want to do this to get some lift that way, and possibly block lift it a little too if I need to
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If you do a spring over in the rear you will probably get 6 inches + of lift and still be left with the front torsion bars to lift, you may be able to get a couple inches by cranking the bejesus out of the torsion bars and then use small blocks or an add a leaf in the rear to match. Not any cheap way to lift ifs truck. Either use add a leaf in the back and crank the torsion bars up or do a solid axle swap in the front or spring for a complete lift kit. And I know everyone knows not to use blocks on the front of anything with leaf springs. I run 31.10.50 15 and are more than enough tire for my stock Durango.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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