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Someone has to be first

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So it will be me. Just giving a shout out to all the Texas Durango owners out there.
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Wow, you mean I'm the ONLY Texas Durango owner?
You're not the only one! I have a 2001 Durango - working on it ourselves now trying to resolve ABS problem! I love it though!
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What part of Texas are you from?
Cool! Just got here to the forum...

and I'm third!! Woohoo!!! :D
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and I'm third!! Woohoo!!! :D
Welcome Frank... nice to have you here.:D
Arlington reprezentn!

I'm here in Arlington (DFW)! I AM 4TH?!!?
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Yep... 4th you are.
5th, El Paso, Tx
LOL... should of seen this thread before starting another one to do the samething....

Might as well say El Paso since I'm enroute...
Dang Rec. You sure move around alot.
Yeap. I'm not going to lie. Didn't even know any of these forums existed until I moved back to the Coastal Empire of GA and was looking up local car clubs to join. When I left Temple, I was pretty much the only SRT8 in Bell County, the only all MOPAR club in SA at the time pretty much blew me off, and I was approached by one in DFW while I was clearing to move here. Now I'm going back to TX. At least I'll be 8 hours from SA.
Hey jlopez27! I don't know if your aware of this or not but if your interested in a cruise in there's the Cruise the Grid over at the I10 Flea Market on Wednesdays and Sundays. One of my friends is the photographer for the cruise and he told me about it when he found out I'm enroute to EL Paso this summer.
new to Dodge and of course, the Durango.
I (my wife-it's her truck) have a 2012 Durango Crew.
I'm in Southlake.

I live in San Angelo for 7 months last year, does that count?
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