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Spring pop noise from front end

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Well, bought a new citadel thinking I could trust american quality again, after 4K miles have a noise that sounds like the front end is falling out of the vehicle when I go over a bump. I see that other gens that have had this problem and folks seem happy to spray silicon every other month to keep it quiet, but for a $40K vehicle shouldn't have to do this. Dealer is checking it out, will post what they find.
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I hope it isn't anything serious.
Any news??
Well, they tell me its a mid-shaft for the steering column, part is on order and takes 14+ days to get, we will see if this fixes the problem, I doubt it since the noise is coming from the right front suspension and not the left where the shaft is...
Sometimes noise travels, we'll keep our fingers crossed.
This problem has now been looked at 5 times. I decided to follow Fl lemon law proceedures, chrysler performed their final inspection and said they could not hear the problem, no sure off to arbitration we go. I love the durango, will probably get another one, hopefully without the problems...
Wow, another lemon suit on the new D. I'm a little disappointed but optimistic that they will get all the kinks worked out.
I'm having the exact same problem. I just got my 2012 Durango R/T last month and every time I go over a decent bump or pot hole the front passenger side makes a pop. I've noticed it won't do it more than once each time I drive though. I haven't brought it to the dealer yet but I am going to Monday because I just found a few other things I want looked at as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my r/t but I'm annoyed because my dad hates dodge and anytime I drive him anywhere he makes a comment about that noise and how $hitty dodge is. Anyways, let me know if you have any extra info on the issue and I'll update when I have it looked at.

Popping Noises from Steering Column

I have a similar problem with my 2012 Citadel. I noticed the issue on the first day. In my case, I can feel and hear a popping noise from the steering Column. This happens when I accelerate from a stop, when I applied the brakes and when I go over bumps or into my driveway since is a bit higher than the road. I am going to my dealership Wednesday so that can replace the big plastic cover that is located by the third road seat (Drivers side). I noticed it when I put the rear seat down. The plastic piece is deformed as it was forced during manufacturing. You can also see several spots on the plastic piece that turned white when the plastic stretched as it was forced on. The dealer's manager could not believe that my car passed the final inspection prior of shipping. They took photos so they can send them to Dodge. I also had my radio replaced after 100 miles because it kept crashing when I selected the HDD. I love my SUV but I wonder if mine is one of those car that was put together on a Friday....


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Sooo.. I took the R/T in yesterday and they are still working on it today. The guy says they found the popping noise and that it's the catalytic converter bumping on something and they moved a bracket so it won't do it again. I've also been having a problem with white smoke coming out of my exhaust. I first noticed when I was parked on an incline and started the car after it had been sitting for a few hours. The dealer is trying to duplicate that so they had to leave it with the front end up over night. I've read somewhere in a forum that apparently when parked on an incline oil will leak and that's what the smoke is from. Guess we'll find out if they duplicated it.
Ongoing issues...

I took my Hemi D back to the dealership that I bought it from (twice). The manager, ast manager and the mechanic took it for a ride and could not hear or feel the popping on the steering Wheel/column. I never had a car new or used do this, so today I drove an aditional 25 miles to the second closets dodge dealer in the area. The mechanic from the second dealership and I took a drive on my Hemi D and he was able to feel and hear the noise. We also took a drive on the only Durango that they had on their lot. This Durango was not a Hemi or Citadel but I figured that the suspension should be a little similar. The other Durango ride was noise free and it felt solid as it should.
Final verdict:
The mechanic told me that it was the intermediate shaft. I have to bring my Hemi D back to the dealership on 4/9/2012 to hopefully fix the problem. Below is a bulleting that I found online.
Technical Service Bulletin

NUMBER: 19-004-11
GROUP: Steering
DATE: August 19, 2011
Shudder And/Or Bump Felt Through The Steering Wheel Under Moderate Braking And/Or
Driving Over Rough Roads
This bulletin involves road testing and if necessary replacing the intermediate shaft.
2011-2012 (WD) Durango
2011-2012 (WK) Grand Cherokee
NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built before July 01, 2011 (MDH0701XX).
Shudder and/or bump felt through the steering wheel under moderate braking or driving
over rough roads. This can be caused by spline stick/slip from the intermediate shaft.
If the customer describes the symptom, perform the Repair Procedure.
Qty. Part No. Description
1 (AR) 05057539AD Shaft, Steering Column Intermediate
NOTE: The new lower intermediate shaft must have a green dot on the assembly,
near or on the label (Fig. 1). If a green dot cannot be found return and reorder
the intermediate shaft.
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Round 1 (New Dealership)

I took my Hemi D to the new dealership and the mechanic that diagnosed a problem with the intermediate shaft on 4/5/2012 was off today. Upon arriving I noticed that the service manager was irritated because he wanted to make sure that I did not had an open claim with my original dealership. Why is it that dealerships have problems repairing vehicles from different dealerships? My Hemi D still have plenty of warranty left as it is a 2012 model. If the original dealership can't find the problem we should be able to go somewhere else for a second opinion and not have to deal with attitude and rudeness.
Once again they had to take my car for another drive to see if the new service tech could find the same problem. Upon returning he informed me that he noticed the popping but was not sure what it could be. I was then told that it was going to take a long time for them to try to find the problem and that I probably would have to return several times before they can find what's causing the problem.
About 30 minutes later the service technician asked me to follow him to my car and proceeded to push the brakes and told me that my problem could be the brake pedal as it did make a pop when it was pressed. I understand that most brake pedals do this but this is not a brake pedal issue. To make sure, I did the same thing that he did with my brake pedal but I did not get the popping that I originally reported by doing so.
My problem is not the brake pedal. That is just ridiculous. To make sure I drove the nearly 40 miles home with my radio off to prove my point. Just as I said, it is not the brake pedal as I experienced the problem dozens of time during my trip home. I also tested it several times by first applying the brake pedal just enough to get rid of the gap or play on the pedal. I then applied more force to the pedal and caused the front end to drop. As I did that several times I was able to hear and feel the popping on my steering column/steering wheel. The popping is not limited to brakes only. It also occurred during turning and accelerating so it is definitely not the brake pedal.
Final Diagnosis:
Service tech told me that problems like this are difficult to fix but he believe that is probably somewhere in the steering column. He ordered the lower steering shaft and will contact me when they receive it as it is back ordered
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Problem solved !!!!

:) The part finally arrived and was replaced on 4/24/2012. It was the STEERING COLUMN INTERMEDIAT SHAFT. The popping noise in the steering column is gone... My Hemi D is very quiet now...
Blue659 whatdid year is your d have same problem but I have a green dot did u have that green dot on yours glad yours is fix
I've got a 2011 Crew Hemi that makes a clanking/clunking noise on the right side front. Only on really small bumpy roads (that have had the goop put in the cracks). The rear end makes a loud groaning noise when pulling in our drive way. It's makes the suspension really articulate but not enough my 1967 Comet doesn't make it with ease.

We've taken it in a couple times and they can't duplicate the noises. They've been great, but we have had our share of problems with the new Durango (the rear end has been changed twice (entire rear end) for leaks in different locations). The entertainment system remote died first month and the left rear most seat head restraint doesn't come down when you hit the button on the dash (it started that about a month after we bought it too).

The suspension issues are really getting to me though. At $40K + I would expect piece and quiet under there. Happy with it otherwise though.
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redline girl

my 2012 Durango R/T Has a rattle or bumping niose. I'm sure that the sound is comming from the rear of the vehicle. Anyone else experiencing this? It's going to the shop on Tuesday.
Blue659 whatdid year is your d have same problem but I have a green dot did u have that green dot on yours glad yours is fix

2012 Citadel
8/20/2013. / Round 2

I took my Hemi D back to the dealership. Same issues as before. Popping noises and I could actually feel it while driving. Accelerating, Braking and even turning. Is very noticeable when I go over a bump or go into my driveway. They looked at it and told me that is the Steering Intermediate Shaft again. (Second One). Is on order as of 8/20/2013. They will call me when it arrives. The good news is that the last one took approx. 20 minutes to replace so I wont have to leave it or waste my entire day waiting for it. I will post the outcome.
My 2012 redline R/T Hemi Durango with thumping and rattling sounds coming from the rear of the machine were due to a TSB
from Chrysler. Load leveling shocks. They replaced them. much quieter now.
Any updates on this? I have had mine since fall last year and it is a noticeable knock or pop from the front end. My son could hear it standing outside the vehicle. I would like to tell them what I know so it is fixed right the first time! Mine is a 2014 SXT plus V6. Thanks for the help!


Read my previous post about the Intermediate Shaft. I'll bet, that's what it is. Is a quick fix. They change it twice on my old 2012 and it took about 20 minutes each time. If your dealer can't find the problem , do like I did and go to a different one. I took my 2012 to my original dealer twice and they couldn't find the issue. The mechanic at another dealership found the problem in about 5 minutes. I have a 2014 now with zero issues.

Good luck. I know how annoying it is.
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