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starter issues HELP

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2001 R/T 450HP roller
will not start, it just makes the solenoid chatter sound, replaced battery, starter, starter relay, cleaned battery cables...what else is there?
dont know anyone in the area, dont trust mechanics in area
5078410936 if you want to talk to me about it
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Im dealing with the same issue right now on a 98 Durango. Have you figured anything out? I would love to know if and how you fixed this problem.
There a a couple of things that could cause this.
First, just make sure the battery is good. Low amps can cause the starter soelnoid not to kick out far enough to completely engage the flywheel.
Next, try loosening the starter bolts and try repositioning the starter. If the teeth aren't meshing with the flywheel properly it won't grab. It's also possible that the starter you put in is bad. Most starters bought from an auto parts store are remans. It's not uncommon to get one that just doesn't work.
The last thing, and most expensive, I can think of is a worn flywheel. If the teeth are worn down enough the starter can't grab it.

Let us know what you figure out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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