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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum. I drive a 2014 Durango SXT AWD 3.6L V6. It's got 146,000 mi on it. For the past few months, there is a slightly noticeable stutter in the engine/drivetrain when I accelerate from lower speeds/gears up through about 25-30 mph and in the lower gears. By the time I'm up to speed and cruising, the issue goes away.

I actually thought it might be a XMSN issue, because it felt to me like gears slipping in the lower gears. Although there was a stutter/slip as I accelerate, power would always eventually be available as I pressed the gas. Took it to my local auto mechanic, he couldn't duplicate it. He checked the XMSN fluid, it looked clean and serviceable, and he told me the automatic transmissions in these are fairly reliable, he could do a drain and flush on the 'service free' XMSN for $800 but it likely wouldn't fix anything. I passed.

Then last week the CEL came on, it was throwing a P0300 code, then promptly went out. Multiple misfires. So probably and engine issue, most likely sparkplugs, wires, coil, or possibly fuel sending unit related. What do you all think? Anyone have experience with an issue like this?

Thanks in advance!
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