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Does anyone have any suggestions for some affordable, bright headlights? The stock ones that come with my 03 are absolutely terrible, and the high beams aren't much better. I don't have a lot of $$ to throw around right now, so I don't think HID is really a viable option at this time.
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I bought mine from they have a deal with preinstalled hids for about 400. Also silerstar makes somebulbs that are supposed to be as close to hids as possible. Dont remember the name but they're at advance and run about 50 for the pair.

Whats your price range and what are you looking for headlight assemblies or bulbs
Sylvania Silverstars are good replacement bulbs. They are much brighter than oem bulbs. Look on ebay. You can get come great deals there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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