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Third here

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We have now owned one of every generation Durango.....just picked up our 2011 today after trading in our 2004.

We ended up with more Durango than we were planning on.

Dealer had a "special edition" CREW sitting on his lot since June. We got it down below EP and also received TOP dollar for our 04.

Blackberry Pear, Leather, Front & Rear heated seats, 2nd Row DVD, Hemi, Towing, 20" wheels, Navigation, Premium Sound System, Sunroof, Technology Group.......the works.

Very nice compared to our rather basic 04.
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Congrats on the upgrade!!! These new Durangos are really sweet rides!
Welcome to the club!
:) Hello! Welcome to DurangoZ from SW Florida :)

Congrats on the new Durango :cool:
Welcome to the DurangoZ from NC! Glad to have you here, enjoy!
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