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Hi fellow members,

Looking for advice from you knowledeable folks before I make my first DODGE purchase. The year range I am interested in is the 2018 in specific and I wanted to know if there are items or certain things I need to look into the vehicle when doing my inspections. You guys surely have a lot of tips in terms of maintenance or high priority items to verify when purchasing so I wanted to create this thread to see if I can get any assistance in that regard.

I have a 2018 Dodge Durango in my sights and its a real beauty. This car REALLY fits my budget but I'm a bit weary as it has a salvage title. My uncle has said that salvage title doesn't really matter much but other friends commented that they would step back from the deal. Let me share some insights maybe I can get your opinions on if this is a good deal or not? Anything I should verify in person or with a mechanic when checking out this vehicle?

Link to the ad: 2018 Dodge Durango GT - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle...
2018 Dodge Durango
87000 miles
White in color


Although at the time I was writing this update I am yet to get a reply on the thread, nonetheless, I will like to share my findings. After the mechanic inspected the car and said it is ok, someone mentioned to me that there are things that a mechanical/visual inspection will not be able to show, hence I should get a Detailed Vehicle History Report, so since it was just $15 bucks I jumped in, now I feel grateful because it seems this $15 has saves thousands of USD for me.

I am not going to buy this vehicle because the vehicle history report suggests that it had an Accident, and the images show a blown airbag, worse yet it has some mileage discrepancies which is another cause for concern and 3 previous owners!

Here is a link to the vehicle history report: Vehicle History Report for VIN: 1C4RDHDG9JC269440

Here are some of the Auction images
Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Vehicle door
Car Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Land vehicle

Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Tire

Sky Tire Vehicle Grille Car

Car Sky Vehicle Automotive side marker light Vehicle registration plate

Vehicle Car Gear shift Speedometer Motor vehicle
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