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Tire Question

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I want to put on BF Goodrich Mud Terrain Tires on my 1999 Durango. I have 31X10.5R15 tires on it now and was wondering what the biggest size i can go without having to modify the fenders, lift, or stock rims. Also what is the breakdown of the measures for tire sizes.
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If you have 31's on it now and no lift, you're pretty much as big as you can go. The tire measurments you gave are typical of offroad tires as they are often listed in inches.
31 is the diameter or how tall the tire is in inches
10.5 is the width
R = Radial
15 means it is for a 15 inch rim

Metric tire nomenclature is a bit different.
305/75/ZR20 would be....
305 millimeter tread width
75 means the sidewall heighth is 75% of the tread width
20 is the wheel size
The Z is the speed rating and the R means it's a radial tire.

Hope this helps.
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I'm sure you can go bigger then 31s I've heard of people going to 32s at least
Maybe 33''

Maybe 33" but they may hit the fenders in bumps:(
OK, I just checked, on my 2001 Durango R/T I have Good Year Wrangler A/T's. They are 275/70/17's which is essentially a 32/10.5/17.
I have a 3 inch body lift and have tweaked the torsion bars for a little more clearance. The rear could easily handle a 33 inch tire. But the fronts on mine rub when the wheel is turned to full stop in either direction.

So unless you are going to put a lift, 31 inches is going to be a very tight fit in the front.
differant tires could rub and others wont depends on shape and brand but i found on my 98 durango is 31 is the biggest i can use without rubbing when turning good luck
Imma go with the 31 BFGoodrich Mud Terrains
Here's a great tire size calculator that will break out just about every possible measurement in wheel/tire package differences...shoot, it will even tell you what percentage of difference (up or down) you will see at your speedometer. Fantastic resource. Check it out!
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