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towing capacity v6 AWD crew

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I purchased a 2011 Crew V6 awd w/o towing package based on the fact that I couldn't find one with the tow package AND that I only need to tow 5000lbs occasionally. So I went on the dodge site and "built my own" and saw that standard towing for that model is 5000 lbs w/o tow package. Great! I went out and found one locally and grabbed it only to find that in the owners manual it states max towing w/o tow package is 3500 Lbs!!. I called my dealer and they didn't know so they contacted the Dodge tech rep and he said max towing is 3800 w/o tow package but with the OEM hitch. Ouch! I called Dodge and opened a case file to get to the bottom of this. They also saw that their manual states 3500 but the website states 5000. Beware that if you want to tow anything over 3500 you had better get the factory package. Of course the manual may be wrong and I'm waiting now for further word from the tech experts at Dodge.
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Wow... you would think that they would know how much one can tow. lol I'm hoping the manual is wrong and the web site is right. But somehow, I doubt it.
I always go with the factory tow package any way. That way you get the transmission and power steering coolers. Not to mention the wiring.
I am also very interested as i purchased a 2011 dodge durango v6 without the tow package. however, an OEM mopar hitch was installed by the dealer. i just purchased a 4800lbs (unloaded) travel trailer and the highway hauling was very poor. the trans was screaming at 3000 rpm and didn't want to upshift. any word on the true towing capacity would be very helpful.
Ugh....well your posts is what I feared....a true 3500lb capacity even with the OEM hitch. I've been researching this for about a week and have found the same information as you. I was hoping that by buying the OEM hitch and wiring, it would boost the capacity to 5000 or even 6200. So very disappointing to see only 3500. I have a call in to several dealers and will keep everyone informed. Bad timing, it's only 1 year old and we just decided to buy a boat. I might trade this one in for a V8 with towing package. Thanks guys.
i check with Dodge today and based on my VIN, despite not having the factory tow package, i was informed that my 2011 V6 Crew is rated to tow 6200.
Any thoughts?
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