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Just new the forum and see no posts under towing (or under a lot of topics). Does any body use their durango to tow camper trailers? We have a 29' unit weighing about 8500 GVW. Just want to know if these vehicles are safe to tow that much weight consistently with the 5.9L, trans cooler and probably standard rear end? It's a 2008 SLT model.
Please let me know your experiences.
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Do you have the towing package? Also, the owners manual should have the info about the specific towing specs for the vehicle.
Yes it has the towing package and I've read the specs. I'm just looking for peoples experiences towing with these trucks. Sometimes things look OK on paper but then there's the real world. Doesn't look like too many people do any towing. This looks like a relatively new forum so the knowledge base needs time to grow.
Just wondering if anyone has had problems with the trannys overheating or rear end burning out. Also what do most run for fluids, synthetic vs non.
I've got a 2000 Durango with the 5.9 and towing package. I've towed a 32' camper thousands of miles with it and never had a single problem. I'm currently at 160,000 miles. Also, this is poor maintenance on my part, but I've NEVER serviced the tranny. No fluid change or anything.
The main thing I would suggest is that if your camper has electric brakes, get a controller for it. It makes a world of difference.

Hi Milbers, I tow with my Durango(2001 Durango Sport/4.7 magnum), mine didn"t come with the towing package so I added it. My D pulls my 18 foot Car Hauler with no problem(no small task through the mountains of PA.) the only thing is be sure you turn off your over drive when you tow, with it on it creates excess heat in the trans and robs you of the torque needed to get up the hills...kingoftow(fitting user name huh? lol)
The only thing I've towed with mine so far is a 4x8 utility trailer, which is worth it's weight in gold. I don't feel it behind the Durango at all.
Sorry I didn't reply to your responses earlier, we've just upgraded to a 2009 model with the 3.92 rear end, tow package, and hemi. I didn't feel too comfortable towing with the 3.55 rear end. I also went to 275/55/20 XL tires instead of the 265/50/20s that it came with. No rubbing on suspension components, just have to watch the speedo as it is out 3 kph now. Still looking for any one's experiences towing heavier trailers with the 2007 to 2009 models.
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