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TPS issues.....

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I have replaced the TPS in my 03 4.7 TWICE, and the wiring harness to the TPS, most recently just a month or so ago, and today, it started winding out around 4500 RPM but not accelrating at all, and when I finally got it home, I checked the trouble codes, and once again, it is giving the P0121 and P0123 codes for the damn TPS... At this point, I am just curious what could be causing the same sensor to go bad every month or so, like clockwork???? Any ideas or suggestions as to what I can check or do??? Thanks...
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This one is interesting. I found on another site someone had the same problem. He replaced several TPS's and finally got one that worked well. Apparantly, each new TPS gave a different voltage. A couple of them were giving him .76v. He found one that was giving .53v and that one solved the problem.
Best I can tell the TPS voltage is compared to the MAP voltage. Your code P0123 indicates that the TPS is putting out more voltage than it should. As for what is causing it to go bad, i have no idea.
I know this isn't a solution but hope it helps a little.
Thanks Ty...that does help a little, insight-wise or what not; as you said, maybe not a "solution", but something to work with...confusing though, because you would think all of the TPS's would be built exactly the same, therefore putting out the same voltage, etc. which would make me "think" that there is something else involved causing it to put out the incorrect (in mine's case too high) voltage, etc.

At any rate, knowing what you have shared with me about the other guy's experience, I guess I will try another (and maybe another and another, who knows how many) TPS and see if I can eventually find the right one that will put out the right voltage long term....since the sensor itself is relatively inexpensive compared to trading this thing in and taking on a higher vehicle payment and/or loan balance, etc etc. Me and this Durango have a love/hate relationship; I love it when it is running right, but I hate that I can't count on it to do that for more than a few weeks at a time..........
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I called the Dodge dealership today and spoke with a service advisor. I told him what my Durango is and has been doing, and he asked me what brand or what kind of TPS I have been putting on it. I told him I have been getting them at O'Reilly, so whichever brand they use, etc. He informed me that he had seen a few other Durangos that had issues with going through multiple TPS's, and he said ultimately, the fix for them and his recommendation (which I followed) was to put an actual Mopar/Chrysler OEM TPS in it rather than the aftermarket ones from the parts stores, because he said the aftermarket ones are not made as well nor specific to the vehicle like the Mopar factory ones are.

So I spent $98 today on a Mopar TPS from the Dodge dealership, figuring I've been through 2 of the $30 aftermarket ones in the past 2 months or so; at that rate, I will end up spending more than the OEM one costed me today in a matter of a couple more months anyway, so worth a shot.

What do you techs or mechanically inclined members think? Does this make sense? I love this rig when it is running right, but getting frustrated that it won't keep doing that for more than a couple weeks at a time.....
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Well, I installed the new Mopar OEM TPS on the Durango Tuesday night, test drove it, disconnected the battery terminal, and both of the 2 TPS codes have cleared and it is running like a beast (again). So far so good, but then, it always runs like new right after I have replaced the TPS both other times too; question is will this be a permanent fix or will it act up again in a few weeks?!? For $98 spent on this TPS on top of $30 on the aftermarket one originally, it better!!

I can't imagine a part could be that much different or better just because of being OEM vs. aftermarket, but the boys at the Dodge dealership said they have seen that make a difference in other Durangos that had issues with blowing TPS's frequently, so time will tell I guess...
I was going to suggest the exact same thing. I believe it is possible that some manufacturer parst may be better than after market.

Keep us posted about your progress.
Hey Willster. Any update on this?
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