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Transmission leak

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Got a 2011 Citadel with V8 and 5 speed tranny, looks like the transmission rear output seal is leaking, anyone else having any issues with this. Taking it in to the dealer tomorrow.:mad:
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1st I've seen anyone post up on this. Let us know what they say.
Ok, dealer replaced the transmission adapter output seal to the rear driveshaft, didn't fix the porblem. Drove it around for a few days and starting leaking again. Took it in today again and was told a message just came down saying the transmission needs to have the flange, seal and bolt replaced; must be more reported problems. The ETA for the parts are unknown but was told they are on national backorder. You won't really notice this problem because it mainly leaks tranny fluid when driven, it doesn't drip onto the ground when parked, yet. The only way to notice the leak is to go underneath the vehicle and look at where the rear driveshaft mounts up to the transmission, if you can you may want to check yours also.
The transmission in my 2012 Durango R/T stopped shifting with less than 400 miles on it. Although I have the 6 speed, it might be related. The dealer told me he has to pull the trans out to check it out, might take a while...
All parts came in and replaced by dealer, drove around for a week and no evidence of any leaks. Finally satisfied.:D
Glad you got it repaired. Mechanical problems with new cars suck.
I have 2011 Citadel with leaking transmission. Took it to the dealer and they ordered "seal kit". I told them that it will keep leaking unless output shaft seal, transfer case yoke nut and drive shaft yoke flange are replaced but I was kindly ignored. Looks like I am going to have to make more trips. I wonder how common this problem is and how many will end up with damage to the transmission?
I hate it wheen dealers treat us like we have no clue what we're talking about. To often they seem to forget that this is the information age. We research issues to understand our vehicles better.
I recent'y went to a dealer to test drive the new Durango and Charger. After repeatedly and politely informing the salesman of his incorrect information, I challenged him to check my facts. He hung his head low when he admitted that I knew more about his cars than he did. lol
I suggested he do some research.
Well, finally had transmission seal replaced 2 days ago. Still see quarter sized oil drop each day so far. Will give couple more days and back to the dealer for yoke flange and bolt replacement if leak persist. mm2011ddc, did the dealer reuse the seal when you took it back the second time or did they replace it with new seal along with flange and bolts?
All three pieces were replaced according to the work order. Hopefully they get your replaced correctly. It took me three visits. I laughed at my first visit because the maint tech said the leak was just run off from the A/C vent tube above the transmission and all they did was wipe it down and give it back to me. So I drove it home about 10 miles, put the vehicle on my ramps at home and check it again and surprise the leak is still there so I took pictures. Then went back and presented them with the pictures and told them really, I'm a mechanic also so don't lie to me. Then they replaced just the transmission adapter output seal which did nothing. Then they replaced the three pieces mentioned and all was good. Will check again later on to make sure everything is still good, but so far no problems.
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