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turn signal/ wiper problems need help

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i have been having an issue that seems to come and go but recently has become much more frequent, when turning left (this is when i notice it) sometime the right turnsignal will start to flash even though the turn signal lever is in the left turn position. usually it will go back and forth sometimes both at the same time. this seems to be related to the position of the steering wheel. also the wipers have been acting up sporatically, they sometimes will stop and othertimes especially if on intermitant funtion will start wiping very eratically. these issues do not seem to happen if vehical is not moving.
does this sound like it may be a short in the steering column or possibly a clock spring assembly going bad?
this is a very dangerous issue, i was almost in an accident yesterday because of the turn signal issue.:mad:
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I'm having the same problem. Does anyone have a fix?
I ended up replacing the multi switch for the turnsignals, was easy job and the problem is gone, here is a link to the Dodge Depot web site that i purchased it through.
serch website for combo switch or multifuntion switch. they are very helpful if you call them and they are cheaper than the dealer.
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