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Water pump tip- the hidden hose

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Reading about another water pump on here reminded me of a kind of a tricky leak I had at the water pump of my 5.2L engine, '98
First, I knew I was losing coolant, but couldn't see exactly where it was coming from. I inspected all the hoses, but the ends were dry. looking closer it seemed that the leak was emanating from the pump itself. So, I bought another pump and as I was taking the old pump off, I discovered that there is a small hose that connects the water pump to the engine block. And mine was split like an over-nuked hot dog.
This small hose (which is approximately 1/2" in diameter & 3" to 4" long) is hidden at first glance, and only becomes visible when you start disassembling to replace the pump.
The hose is located at the rear of the pump, near the top.
I think you have to loosen the pump anyway to remove the hose, (I could be wrong on that point as its been a while since I did this) so I decided to install the new pump since I had the bolts out anyway.

Hope this helps
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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