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Video below.

So basically my 2014 Durango R/T with the 5.7 Hemi and 74k miles on the clock has been making this strange noise for quite a while. It seems to be getting more and more noticeable now, and to the extent it doesn't seem normal anymore. It's most noticeable at idle when the engine is at its quietest, but it still happens when accelerating or bringing up the revs and whether you're in park, neutral or drive. It seems to be coming from toward the back of the engine and it happens when in drive or park. It sounds like a marble rolling around on a wooden floor :hah: is the only way I can describe the noise. It's quite clear though in the video you can hear the noise and I popped the hood so you can hear it even clearer.

So I got the car when it was at 50k miles less than year ago had no issues. 15k miles ago back in June I changed the spark plugs when it hit 60k miles and the car ran lots smoother. I noticed some of the plugs were loose and I don't think they were the correct plug although there was so much confusion online about which plugs were correct so I ended up using the NGK plug finder and got the LFR5AIX-11 - 4469 Iridium IX plugs. About 3k miles ago I changed the oil wondering if the oil and no issues there. Maybe the oil is crap? I used Castrol Edge SAE 5w-20 fully synthetic recommended oil for the vehicle and a K&N oil filter for this vehicle. The oil still has 60% life left as per the car's computer.

The car was intermittently (like once a month) coming up with cylinder 1 misfire fault code and engine management light would come on. Always when the engine was cold and never any noticeable troubles. So I would reset it and be on my way no issues. I'm wondering first of all which cylinder is cylinder 1? I was going to check the plug etc. Anything else I can check I'm pretty handy with cars? I also wonder if the oil is maybe no good any help would be appreciated. I would take this to my mechanic but pretty sure he will be scratching his head too:4-dontknow: with not much to go on. I know preventive maintenance before anything going catastrophically wrong is always best. I'm going to pull the plug on cylinder 1 as soon as I know which cylinder that is and also check the coil. Maybe the spark plug came loose. I torqued to specs. But what torque are people using on spark plugs?

Thank-you and sorry for all the text just wanted to add as much detail as possible
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