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Yesterday, I proudly posted that my 2000 Durango R/T had turned 170,000 miles.
Well this morning on my way home from work, the transmission went belly up. Coming out of a red light with moderate accelleration, I stepped on the gas to pass a slower car. When I did, it felt like the tranny slipped into neutral and the rpms ran up to 4k. I had to pull over and stop then very gently accellerate to get going again. There is now a very audible whining coming from the transmission. :( I checked the fluid and it's full and clean. Guess she just got tired.

Oh well, Guess it's time so shell out some reall money for repairs. This will be, by far, the most costly repair I've had to do to her yet.

Thanks for listening.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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