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What model do you own?

  • Express

    Votes: 7 7.1%
  • Crew

    Votes: 28 28.6%
  • Crew Lux

    Votes: 12 12.2%
  • Citadel

    Votes: 22 22.4%
  • R/T

    Votes: 26 26.5%
  • SXT

    Votes: 3 3.1%

What model do you have?

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This is a poll on the new Durango models. If we get enough members with the older model versions wanting to vote we can edit the poll.
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Awww.... no love for the ones that started it all? I have the 2000 R/T model.
Crew Report

I've had my Crew since early December. Hemi AWD...

Living in the NE Ohio Snow belt has allowed me to test the AWD in lots of snow and slop. The system is smooth and effortless. Tracking is perfect and the all wheel traction control keeps you out of trouble...:D
I just got mine on Friday (4/22). Express AWD Inferno Red.
I just picked up an Express RWD on Saturday. Happy with it so far! I made the dealer throw in the 20 inch citadel wheels... makes the Express look super clean!
i'm in with the ones that started it all:i have a '98 slt and an '01 r/t.
i have one that started it all also 99 slt.
actually i go pick it up in august....cant wait! as anyone had any problems with theirs?
Just picked mine up 6/28/2011, it's the 2011 Durango Heat, RWD, in white. Very nice looking SUV!
I have a 2011 R/T ***why do you not even have it as a option***
Old School with BigDaddy35!

2001 Ltd. Edition SLT 4.7L
99 SLT, and just picked up my 2011 Crew.
Hey everyone new member here

Just bought 2011 charcoal R/T loaded, lovin it
1 - 20 of 67 Posts
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